Sunday, 22 November 2015

Speed Writing Tips - For Newbie Affiliate Marketers

ODon't just rely on spell-check. Some words are misused more often than not and the rules for use can be tricky. Do a little research on which version of the word you really should be using.

Get the pulse of your target audience. Your articles will become more popular in the online arena if they're targeted to the needs and demands of your readers. This is the reason why I recommend that you know what these people are looking for before you even start tapping on your keyboard. You have the option of conducting surveys or using keyword suggestion tools that will give you a list of the most searched terms and phrases related to your products and services.

When I write, having an outline is essential because it helps me put my ideas in order and "on paper". This helps me focus on writing, instead of wasting time on another round or two of research. There's no "set" standard for an outline, just jot down your main topics, and a couple initial thoughts for each (link if needed) and use the outline to stay on topic.

The second type of reference is the fact reference. Even though you do all your research, and second check and make nice long lists of facts... it's never enough. There's always that one little pain in the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. That one fact you have to check either while you're writing or while you're editing (if you're lucky). Traditionally those resources have been a big problem. Encyclopedias and year books have been the desk side references of choice. But the only real choice was the local library. How can a library be a desk side reference? Most libraries have a fact checking service which is available by phone. One little phone call and people who love chasing down facts are let loose on a whole building of facts.

If you worked tirelessly, and had money to spend on promotion, you could manage to move 1,000 or so copies in a year. Maybe 3,000. But doing this would be close to working a full-time job. Are you willing to make that kind of commitment?

If you don't have time to write, find time, or partner up with someone that can. A new breed of agents that grew up online definitely will. Here are a few tips to help you get started...

Etc. Etc. If that's not the look you are going for, then don't do it, just make sure each paragraph is dedicated to another point, and have the first words of the paragraph the title (as such) for that point. Putting your article in this way will make it easier for somebody to read, rather than just pages and pages of endless words with no break.

Be bold with some of your words - People respond typically to big words. Especially those words that encompass the more primal feelings and concerns in their lives. That is why one of the best Writing Tips that I can give you is to be bold with your own rack card words.

I think that is what's really more important than making sure you hit a certain length for your posts, or post often or not. Being true to yourself will make sure you always write things that are speaking from your heart, not your desire to appease the search engines, or readers with a low attention span. If you really want to write about something you shouldn't have to worry about how long to make the post or article, it really isn't fair to you.

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