Friday, 25 March 2016

Commission Black Ops Review + Bonus

This was not something I had planned on examining as I'm leaving for the JVZoo event early tomorrow early morning however I had numerous individuals message me and ask me about it. So I decided to get review access and inspect it out for myself.

As you can most likely guess by the name Commission BlackOps is a training item that teaches the best ways to do affiliate marketing. It focuses primarily on the JVZoo platform but the techniques it teaches you will work on simply about any type of affiliate platform.

The training is offered in two different methods. There is a PDF 'field manual' that you can download. Ill be honest, I personally don't like checking out PDF training, most likely due to the fact that I invest so much time looking at a computer system screen reading/ composing computer code, so I did not review the PDF. Nevertheless I did review the video training which covers the exact same things as the printed training.

The first thing I saw about the training was that there is a logo design introduction video that you need to enjoy each time. While the introduction is cool and well done I personally never ever liked it when courses have these introduction videos. I constantly thought to myself. I do not need you to tell me what Im viewing over and over. To be reasonable however, that's just a family pet peeve of mine and it may not irritate most individuals as it does me. Besides that though the quality of the videos from a technical stand point is stop excellent. The are well made in both the video and in the audio.

The video training is broken up into 5 various modules that have names that adhere to the "black ops" theme of the course. While these are enjoyable names they are not super detailed and makes it a little hard to keep in mind which module you have to go back to if you desire to take another look at a particular part of the training.

The very first 2 modules of the training are pretty standard and are absolutely developed for the overall novice. The cover things like producing a JVZoo account, how to find products to promote. Ways to get review access and so on. For many individuals these might be largely a testimonial or something they can skip entirely. I comprehend why he has these in there. Some people will be totally new and its important to cover the essentials first prior to proceeding to the advanced topics.

The rest of the training is focused around email marketing. I consider myself pretty well established as an email marketer when reviewing the training there where times that I composed things down due to the fact that some of the things he pointed out where things I did not even realize and things I want to be doing in my future projects.

What do I think of Commission Black Ops over all? Well if your an overall newbie this is going to benefit you due to the fact that it begins with the ground up. If your a bit more knowledgeable than you can skip the first module or 2 nevertheless I still have no doubt that you are going to learn things from this training (I did). Since this training was something that thought me a thing or more and is being cost an extremely low price its simple for me to say:

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Great Cardio Strategies To Do Outdoors

As you get all set up on your fat loss program, one thing that you'll definitely want to take into consideration is the form of cardio you're doing on a daily basis.

While controlling your diet is always going to be the absolute best strategy for producing rapid rates of weight loss, making sure that you're burning off calories through regular physical activity is essential as well.

Taking your cardio training outdoors will make it that much more interesting and therefore you'll be more likely to stay engaged.

Let's have a quick look at some of the top outdoor cardio strategies that you can start doing.


The first cardio strategy to consider is rollerblading. Rollerblading is a form of exercise that most people really enjoy and when done intensely enough, can burn off just as many calories as running would.

To help maximize the results you get from your rollerblading sessions, focus on crouching as low down to the ground as possible. This will stimulate the quads to a higher degree while also calling the hamstrings into play.


The second form of cardio that you'll want to consider adding to your workout program is tennis. Tennis is great for those who prefer not to go at their cardio alone and want to make a game out of it.

Since you're constantly stopping and starting when performing a game of tennis, this is a great form of outdoor cardio to really spike up your metabolism.


Hiking is our next type of cardio training that's great for when you want to get outdoors. If you can get away somewhere scenic on the weekend and go for a good 2 hour hike, you can easily burn up to 1000 calories doing this.

If you make that your weekend goal, this will give you the flexibility to eat a few more foods over the weekend when most people are more social without suffering weight gain because of it.

Hiking is also excellent for increasing your lower body strength since it targets the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.


Finally, the last outdoor cardio workout that you may want to give some consideration to is swimming. Swimming is nice since it's a full body workout and will hit both the upper and lower body muscles.

Swimming can also be a very good calorie burner when you go at an intense enough pace, so is perfect for those seeking fast fat loss.

To maximize the benefits you get from swimming sessions, alternate between the different strokes so that you work the muscles in a number of different ways.

So there you have some of the top outdoor cardio training activities that you should consider. One additional great benefit from adding cardio training to your routine is that most people find it helps calm their appetite level, so if you pair that with a great appetite suppressant product such as Phen 375, you will hardly feel any hunger at all while moving along your diet plan.